Our Philosophy

Istituto Piepoli is a fully independent Marketing Research Institute.

Always at your service to analyse, understand and interpret the world around us, help you grow your business and make your products and your brand more competitive.


We have been working for companies and organisations since 1965


We are “pioneers” in research methodology



We are an Italian company that operates on the global market


President & Chief Executive Officer
Vicepresident & Head of Marketing
Senior Field Manager
Sales Management
Director of the Qualitative Department
Technical Director
Development & Sales Manager
Senior Researcher
Head of Tenders & Large Orders
Senior Researcher
Senior Qualitative Researcher
Lead Generation Specialist
Graphic Designer
Senior Field Manager
Senior Researcher
Reception & Customer Care
Sales Secretary
Web Service Office Manager

Our reference leaders

In the end, life is made up of opportunities and one must have the readiness to catch them at the right time. That's why it's important to understand where the current goes. Success is made of this: opportunities that are seized by the right people who can transform them into things well done.
Francesco Starace 
CEo & General Manager, enel

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