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The Design Thinking is the most complex of all cognitive functions and focusses on the ability to find a solution to any kind of problem.

The Design Thinking has multiple approaches which depend on the nature of the problem and on the people involved.

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We use the divergent and convergent thinking methodology, which can be broken down as follows:

  • Problem description
  • Cause analysis
  • Identifying alternative solutions
  • Verifying the validity of the different alternatives
  • Choosing a solution
  • Developing a plan of action
  • Monitoring the plan of action until the desired result has been obtained

Why do we offer this research method?

Firstly, we are targeting companies whose management is looking to a future where their presence will be stronger, more multinational and a step ahead of their competitors.

And then, we are targeting companies that want to be the protagonists of their own future: companies that are similar to marine animals, who see their ecosystem moving in three directions and are able to move nimbly, following both predicted and unpredicted schemes and always generating income.

The Innovation Day is a heuristic day of work in which the Marketing Department and the Research and Development Department are involved in a research and analysis of systematic production of ideas.

It is designd for not more than twenty Managers.

The working day takes place at a location identified by the Company or by Istituto Piepoli and has the following temporal survey:

  • first part: updated market data on the Client’s category of interest;
  • second part: illustration of the main individual and group heuristic production methods;
  • third part: application to the specific case of products or services chosen by the Company to produce innovative ideas in relation to them.

Istituto Piepoli shows market data, in agreement with the Client Management.

The expected output is learning a methodology of productive thought both individual and collective, and developing new concepts of products or services that can be included in the Company’s portfolio.

Istituto Piepoli offers a wide range of training courses aimed both at individuals who wish to develop their potential, and to organisations (mainly businesses) that wish to train their collaborators in crucial areas of professional behaviour. The motto behind what we do is simple: we can all grow, we all have more potential than we think.

Our teaching methods are extremely interactive and experiential. Each course is supplemented by academic material and a training and attendance certificate is issued at the end. Istituto Piepoli’s training expertise focuses on the following products:

  • Mental Stretching Course: how to improve mental efficiency, both cognitively and relationally.
  • Basic Applied Creativity Course: how to improve creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Winning Management Strategies: knowledge and skills needed to become a manager of the 21st century.
  • Sales and Self-Marketing Strategies: how to improve your aptitudes and add value to yourself and your business.
  • Decision-Making Psychology Course: understanding human decision-making processes and learning to manage them more effectively and efficiently.
  • Basic Market Research Course: everything you need to know on how to set up, carry out, interpret and apply a market research process.

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