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Case study

Culture in Travel

Enel’s 4 core values delivered through 16 journeys on board a Frecciarossa 1000 train in order to reflect on future challenges.

This initiative was created by Istituto Piepoli in collaboration with Enel and Trenitalia in order to contribute to the professional development of the Group’s management team through a series of advanced training sessions.
A cycle of 16 Lectio Magistralis on board the beautiful Frecciarossa 1000 trains, in order to think about future challenges. Lessons are centred on the 4 values that underlie Enel’s Open Power philosophy:  Trust, Responsibility, Innovation and Proactivity. These values form the acronym “TRIP” and will be outlined across 16 meetings and presented in pairs of contrasting concepts:  strategy vs spontaneity, ethics vs profitability, digital vs analogue and so on.

One theme will be covered on the journey out, and its opposite will be covered on the return journey.
In the words of Guido Stratta, leader of Enel’s HR Development and founder of the initiative, “These meetings will create a vision that is in equal parts a history of lived events and a vision of the future”.
It is an advanced training course on board the train which will involve economists, influential figures in culture, sport and society and the managers of important international companies.

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