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Communication, in the language of researchers, is the term used to define communication through the advertising message. As is known, advertising activity represents a significand slice of the GDP – around 10 billion Euros.

A spot or commercial must deliver both in terms of representing the desired corporate image and as an effective tool to increase the propensity to purchase the advertised products or services.

In order for this to happen, flourishing research techniques are applied and followed in at least 120 countries by both large and small organisations.

Our services

liWeb is a new approach to online research, which allows companies to intercept visitors to their website in order to interview them using different methodologies depending on their research targets.

liWeb operates on the client’s portal (without modifying the website itself) and intercepts visitors during browsing.

The main advantage of liWeb is that it does not use panels of interviewees, but it taps into a target audience who is definitely interested in the company and its products/services.

A research method which verifies an advertisement before it is issued (pre-test), while it is live (on air) or at the end of the campaign (post-test). It can be qualitative or quantitative. In general, pre-tests are qualitative while post-tests, which are more oriented to measuring the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, are quantitative.

Around 19 centuries ago, Emperor Marcus Aurelius said, “Today, you will have lived well if you have left a good memory of yourself to all your interlocutors. Next time you meet them they will welcome you with even more friendship and fondness.”

This quote from the Emperor-philosopher encapsulates the outcome of our proposal.

The aim of FBI is to continuously measure the two key elements that shape a brand’s success:

    • Being present in the consumer’s memory
    • Involving the consumer in terms of desirability

We plan to evaluate the following essential elements:

  1. How well the message is remembered, whether the advert has been seen today or a few days ago.
  2. Whether or not there has been an increase in the desire to interact with the product/advertising service.

Tracking Studies, also known as ADV Tracking, are the comparative studies of competing product and brand adverts.

This type of research can be continuative (52 weeks of the year) or semi-continuative (pre-and-post-campaign measurements only) in nature, and it monitors the main awareness, recall and competitor variables over a long period of time so as to generate comparative evaluations of advert effectiveness. Typically, the measured memory variables are the levels of ad recall, brand awareness and brand/advert attribution.

ADV Tracking offers a complete picture of the consumer’s response to the advert from both a perceptive point of view (memorising the message, levels interest generated by the campaign, popularity of the message, brand awareness) as well as assessing the consumer’s attitude towards the brand (satisfaction levels, purchase and repurchase intentions etc.).

PROMORESEARCH-CONVIVIO simultaneously satisfies two important needs for most businesses. The first is to keep up-to-date with their target market, both in terms of numbers and of consumer motivation, the second is to communicate all news about their products or services to consumers and opinion makers. Therefore, we can say that the first key need for businesses is to know, and the secondi s to inform and promote.

Direct, face-to-face meetings, which are central to the “PROMORESEARCH-CONVIVIO” system, are carried out with active support from the commissioning company’s commercial network, from the organisational stage through to completion of the groups themselves.

The experience we have built over the years shows that the most successful meetings have a standard structure and distribution, exactly like any advertising or promotional campaign.

Below are the main points of PROMORESEARCH-CONVIVIO, which mainly revolve around the following aspects:

  • Targets to actively explore
  • The structure and the number of meetings
  • Stages of each meeting
  • Timings of each meeting

PROMORESEARCH-CONVIVIO is particularly recommended for the sectors in which the sales relationship is developed between companies or professionals (B2B).

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