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The outdoor summer of Italians

In a survey carried out by Istituto Piepoli for ENIT and Human Company, we see how outdoor tourism is laying the foundations to consolidate itself more and more among Italians.

According to the estimates of the Open Air Tourism Observatory commissioned from Istituto Piepoli by ENIT – Italian National Agency for Tourism, and Human Company, it will be an outdoor summer for 1 out of 4 Italians.

“Outdoor tourism lays the foundations to consolidate itself more and more in the current tourist scenarios” explains the President of ENIT, Giorgio Palmucci. “2021 will be the ideal year to intercept flows from the states bordering Italy”.
Luca Belenghi, CEO at Human Company comments on the forecasts of the survey as follows: “These are data that find confirmation on the actual trend of bookings for the summer of 2021, with the hope that even the September numbers can be confirmed and can resume tourism in the cities of art in the coming winter”. According to Livio Gigliuto, Vice President at Istituto Piepoli: «This will be another Italian summer for our fellow citizens, but this time it seems to be by choice. The acceleration of the vaccination campaign frees our desire for holidays and, in doing them, we have rediscovered the open air and Italy. In any case, it will be a summer of prudence, so much so that compliance with hygiene and sanitary standards is now the main criterion for choosing destinations and facilities, on a par with convenience ».