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French-style green pass

Livio Gigliuto, Vice President at Istituto Piepoli, interviewed on the green pass by the editorial staff of Il Foglio, says that "73% of Italians are in favor of the French-style green pass".

Almost 3 out of 4 Italians say they are in favor of using the French-style green pass, that is, to access clubs and public spaces, on the basis of the provisions of Emmanuel Macron. This is certified by a survey carried out by Istituto Piepoli for Il Foglio Newspaper. In detail, 42% of the interviewees say they are “very favorable” to this prospect, 31% “quite favorable”. The remainder are divided into little (10%) or not at all (16%) well disposed towards the measure (only 1% has no opinion, proof of the fact that we have chosen to remain not indifferent on this issue).

“The Macron model has a wide consensus among Italians, who think it is the only way to save a summer that is increasingly at risk from variants”, says Livio Gigliuto, Vice President at Istituto Piepoli. “The opponents, however, are very determined and convincing them seems difficult. Mostly in favor are the voters of all parties, from the right to up to the 5 Star Movement, with the exception of those of Fratelli d’Italia, the only ones among whom the refusal of an extension of the green pass prevails”.

From the analysis carried out by Istituto Piepoli, in fact, it emerges that about 9 out of 10 voters of the Center-Left would favor the use of the green pass extensively. While the percentage of in favor drops to 70% for what concerns the voters of the M5s and to 64 for those who consider themselves voters of the Center-Right coalition.