Fratelli d’Italia impetuous growth

After a few months we can say that the strategy of Fratelli d'Italia's President is paying off, says Livio Gigliuto to the pen of Domenico Bonaventura for Il Riformista.

Fratelli d’Italia continues to rise in the polls and, for many analysts and commentators, Giorgia Meloni’s party, the only one in the opposition, has targeted the allies of Lega.

So much so that, like a 21st century Dino Risi, she would be ready to shoot the remake of “Il sorpasso”, as part of a derby entirely within the Right.

Domenico Bonaventura, once again tackles the issue with Livio Gigliuto, Vice President at Istituto Piepoli, with whom he makes the coupon to Meloni’s strategy. A few months ago we talked about a medium-long term vision, given the choice to stay out of the executive. A choice that, obviously, is bearing fruit.

“Since Draghi government was born, the trend has been uphill. Lega around 21, FdI around 18-19, with an increase of 2 percentage points in three months. Not very much, but significant and constant ”, explains Gigliuto.

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