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Occasional Desserts

Sara Merigo, Sales Manager at Istituto Piepoli, guest of the workshop organized by Andrea Meneghini of GDONews and Cibus Lab, to illustrate how the purchasing habits of Italians are changing.

In April, Istituto Piepoli took a snapshot of the consumption and changes in Italians habits, with a look at the sweets and leavened products for special occasions.

During the workshop organized by GDONews and Cibus Lab, Sara Merigo, Head of Research, has illustrated in her speech what is emerged from the above survey.

In particular:

📌 83% of Italians buy panettone, pandoro and colombe in large-scale retail outlets, even though the online shopping channel is set to grow over the next few years;

📌 the quality of the product is absolutely the fundamental purchase driver, followed by price and taste;

📌 Bauli Group is the “holiday brand” par excellence, 74% of the interviewees cite it.

As always, we thank the hospitality of Andrea Meneghini, GDONews Large Distribution Analyst