Republic of Albany Parlamentary Election

Istituto Piepoli collaborated with the Albanian broadcaster Report TV on the occasion of the political elections held on Sunday, April 25th.

Istituto Piepoli carried out a monitoring of Public Opinion approaching the vote on April 25th, through 7 pre-election polls on representative samples of the Albanian population.

In accordance with what normally happens in leading European countries, Istituto Piepoli compared the results of the pre-electoral polls carried out for Report TV in the weeks preceding the vote (in particular we highlight the data relating to the last poll carried out between April 12nd and 17th) and the final results of the elections which confirmed the trend of Public Opinion, identified by Istituto Piepoli starting from December of last year.

Istituto Piepoli thanks the Report TV Management and all the co-workers, from the interviewers to the Research Directors, for the commitment that has confirmed our Country distinguished position in Marketing Research.