Recovery Fund & Future

Livio Gigluto, Vice President at Istituto Piepoli, analyzes the impact of the pandemic on our way of conceiving the future for Comunicare Magazine. From Recovery Fund to Government priorities.

During these first months of 2021, Istituto Piepoli interviewed a sample of Italians who have a clear idea of ​​what to expect from the new year. In fact, exactly half of the population indicates the solution of the health crisis as a priority, while the other half is divided between those (about 26%) who expect an improvement in families economic condition, and those who hope it is time for a policy more stable, cohesive and capable of solving the problems that Italy has been dragging on for decades.

But what feeling are the Italians facing in the new year?

Livio Gigliuto, Vice President at Istituto Piepoli, continues by saying that “hope prevails, with a decisive role given by the vaccination campaign.

In this sense, the Recovery Fund is identified by the Opinion as the decisive, potentially as a winning card able to make the 2021 a favorable year.

The beginning of the new Government, led by Mario Draghi, also seems to rekindle the expectations of our fellow citizens. 66% are very or fairly convinced that it will be able to manage the Recovery Plan funds. For 58% of the sample, the priority on which the Government should focus is Health, for 55% Work and for 22% Education and Research “.