Cheeses: 100% Italians

According to a survey by Istituto Piepoli, consumers prefers the refrigerated counter to the served one. The top preferences go to 100% Italian and local cheeses and derivatives.

In March 2021, as part of the Cibus Lab program, directed by GDONews together with Fiere di Parma, Istituto Piepoli carried out a survey on a significant sample of consumers, representative of the adult Italian population, with two important focuses: the first was to investigate changes and evolutions in the dynamics of dairy consumption, secondly to verify the relationship between consumer and retail outlet.

The first fact that emerged from the survey – Sara Merigo, Head of the Commercial Department of Istituto Piepoli spoke about it – is that milk and derivatives are very present in the diet of Italians. The percentage of respondents who said they consume these foodstuffs is indeed very high, and is equal to 98% of the sample. On the contrary, there is 2% of the adult population who never drink milk and do not eat dairy products, mainly due to food allergies or intolerances (in Italy, according to Istat, there are 300,000 milk allergy sufferers and 1.1 million allergic to lactose which on the whole correspond to about 2% of the entire population).