The approval for Giorgia Meloni is growing

Livio Gigliuto, Vice President at Istituto Piepoli, interviewed by Domenico Bonaventura on Giorgia Meloni, replies: "If she wants to become the leader of the Center-Right parties she must act immediately".

“Giorgia Meloni reached 30% approval during the lockdown. And she is now getting a few more points. But if Giorgia Meloni wants to become the leader of Center-Right Parties, she can’t wait years, she has to act now”.

Livio Gigliuto, Vice President at Istituto Piepoli and Director of the National Observatory on Digital Communication (PA Social and Istituto Piepoli), analyzes the state of health for Fratelli d’Italia’s President. “An atypical leader, in a country that produces leaders at a very high rate,” Gigliuto observes. Why atypical? “Because compared to those who preceded her – from Berlusconi to Renzi, up to Salvini – she tends less to place herself at the center of the political scene. Giorgia Meloni seeks the spotlight sparingly. Unlike, for example, what Silvio Berlusconi, who combined public and private life, does, or Renzi with his radicalism or Salvini with his game of shooting the ball further and further away. Here, Meloni’s leaderism can be interpreted as atypical in this sense: she always stay a step back and not a step forward.”

It must be said that behind her she has a group of parliamentarians who adore her and recognize her as a leader capable of leading them. And a party, Fratelli d’Italia, that focuses a lot on her.

But what if Giorgia Meloni wanted to make the leap from party leader to coalition leader? “There is certainly a lot of curiosity around her and the numbers testify it. But we don’t know if it will still be like this in a year or so”.