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Covid19’s effect on Christmas

Livio Gigliuto, Vice President at Istituto Piepoli, guest of Studio24 broadcast on RaiNews24. Italian public opinion on the new tightening decided by the Government in view of Christmas.

Livio Gigliuto, Vice President of the Piepoli Institute, together with Davide Crippa of M5S, Augusta Montaruli of Fratelli d’Italia, Marco Varvello, News Correspondent from London and Simona d’Alessio, ANSA and Italia Oggi’s Journalist, guests of Studio24, the TV program conducted by Senio Bonini on RaiNews24.

In view of Christmas, what are the measures Italian Government should take to manage the emergency?

A survey by Istituto Piepoli shows that for 51% of the pool nterviewed, the Government should maintain the current measures, 24% would like them to be increased and 22% reduced. In this sense, as Livio Gigliuto points out, Italians have adopted a cautious attitude since the beginning of Covid19 emergency.

Furthermore, 63% of Italians feel very or fairly satisfied with the behavior and measures taken by the Government to deal with the pandemic in progress. The consensus marked a slight decline during the summer.

When we move on to the theme of the Government Crisis, or on a possible reshuffle, Italians seem to have more confidence in the Government (59% of the votes) than the representatives of the Government itself. Gigliuto stresses that the Opinion has never agreed on reshuffles, rather they expect more stability, in particular in these days of difficulties. Furthermore they expect a more open dialogue with the opposition political parties.

The trend of trust in the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, despite the winds of crisis, holds up and stands at 62%.

As for the vaccine, 71% of the pool say they are inclined to be vaccinated. More men (75%) than women (66%) and more over 54s (73%). This propensity is slowly growing. In particular, this week, it grows by 3% compared to the previous one.