Forza Italia in the spring elections

Livio Gigliuto interviewed by Domenico Bonaventura on "Italians Opinion in the First Twenty Years of the 2000s", written jointly with Professor Piepoli.

We always start from the end and “In the end, in view of the spring elections, everything will be recomposed: the Center-right parties have a great ability to find the right team (and candidates) when in need”.

Livio Gigliuto, Vice President of Istituto Piepoli and Director of the Observatory on Digital Communication (Istituto Piepoli-PA Social) talks abouti it with Domenico Bonaventura. What defines the so called ‘Frecciarossa elections‘ are the administrative elections of next spring, that will call citizens of Naples, Rome and Milan, among others, to vote . The Tav line, precisely.

Silvio Berlusconi has positioned Forza Italia in a empty space without an owner, formed by the center-right voters who now do not consider attacking the government a priority.

For Silvio Berlusconi is a last call train.