What do Italians dream about?

Experience nature in freedom. What do Italians dream of after the months of the coronavirus emergency? Livio, Gigliuto, Vice President of the Piepoli Institute, talks about it with Grazia, Mondadori's women's magazine.

The reopening of the borders between regions, on June 3rd, is allowing Italians to start thinking about holidays.
«The desire to travel has never failed us. In Istituto Piepoli we were surprised, we expected that many Italians would give up, “says Livio Gigliuto, Vice President of the Market Research Institute.

But the destinations are changing. Only 6% of the poll sample want to go abroad. And from a survey Istituto Piepoli carried out on behalf of Human Company, a company specialized in outdoor tourism, more detailed trends have emerged. «The sea is at the top of desires, there is a great desire to be in contact with the nature and the holiday style becomes more sustainable. The goal is adapting ourselves to the habits and rhythms of a place, the journey becomes an experience “.


Enrica Brocardo for GRAZIA