Case study

The Made-in-Italy Christmas Cake Market

European consumer habits with regard to festive products: export flop or boom?

A company’s will to expand into foreign markets needs to, first and foremost, be put under consumer scrutiny. This serves to verify whether the products they wish to export are suitable to the culture of the country and to check that they do not clash with existing products in the same field or with products that already dominate the market. If necessary, companies need to abandon their consolidated ideas in order to adapt products to the taste of their international clients.

How can this be done? Market research helps fill these gaps in knowledge and support companies when it comes to the decisions they need to make in order to succeed.

Below is an extract from an international research project carried out through a mixture of qualitative and quantitative approaches involving 4 European countries.

Neuro-insights: Strengths and weaknesses in a commercial that targets stereotype.

In order to evaluate whether an advertising message is hitting its target, Brainster can be used in conjunction with normal data-collecting tecnhiques.

Through the analysis of a series of biomedical parameters, Brainster is able to measure whether the message in question generates interest and attention. Specifically, it is able to translate these elements into buying desire and, later, into the actual action of purchasing.

By supplying data for each instant of the commercial, Brainster allows researchers to determine whether the entire message is relevant at the point of sale, or whether only a part of it plays a determining role, thus allowing the company to make the best possible investment when it comes to advertising.

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