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The war worries more than the economy

According to the survey by Istituto Piepoli for il Giornale, the economy takes second place to conflicts. And government confidence continues to rise.

Today I will focus on the “events” that have struck the imagination of Italians over the last few days, writes Professor Piepoli on Il Gironale.

We have been monitoring “events” for thirty years now, week after week, and the movements are generally of little importance. For example, thinking about the economic crisis has become an almost natural fact, so we know a priori that around 10 out of 100 Italians take this topic out of their minds every week. The term “economic crisis”, which has lingered on the margins of collective thought for all the years since 2000, at this moment is perhaps undersized compared to real collective thought. People today think more intensely about war and its possible consequences on our country.

Nicola Piepoli