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Quirinal: The After Mattarella

Livio Gigliuto, interviewed by Domenico Bonaventura of Il Riformista, writes his Romanzo del Quirinale telling us that if the new President of the Republic were not to be Sergio Mattarella or Mario Draghi, Elisabetta Casellati or Marta Cartabia could appear.

The countdown began a few weeks ago. Yet, even during a press conference a few days ago by the Prime Minister, the Quirinale argument was brought up. Draghi called it “disrespectful” to talk about it. “Towards me and the Head of State,” he specified.

Yes, Mattarella and Draghi. Draghi and Mattarella. They are the two protagonists of this white semester, and they will probably be until next March. But what do the Italians think? Are they focusing on Mattarella for the aftermath? Are they asking for a move from Palazzo Chigi? Or, again, have they identified an outsider? Domenico Bonaventura, of Il Riformista addressed the issue with Livio Gigliuto, the cardiologist of the Italians, who as Vice President of Istituto Piepoli keeps the pulse and feels the pulse of opinion and its changes.

“What we have noticed in the course of our analyzes is that Italians want to maintain this situation, they are falling in love with this phase in the life of the country,” explains Gigliuto. “Of course, they are not happy with the pandemic and everything that has happened, but they are starting to like the organization that the country has given itself: if they could decide, they would take a picture and maintain the status quo.” A trend that is probably supported by Italy’s sportingly exciting summer. «Very true – confirms the vice president of Istituto Piepoli -, so much so that the national team coach Roberto Mancini could also be included in this ideal dream team. One of our countrymen out of three told us that after London and Tokyo he feels more proud of being Italian ».