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Beer drives Italians restart

Data from a research by Istituto Piepoli for Osservatorio Birra show that beer lovers are leading the restart of consumption outside home. With 61% of preferences, it was in fact the most consumed in this period of gradual reopening.

An evening with friends, a good pizza and a beer. For many Italians this is the recipe for happiness for the summer of 2021. In this phase of attempts to return to old habits, the new normal passes through the most achievable desires: at the top of the list of things to do in company for Italians is the dream of a trip with friends (31%), but immediately after, for about 1 out of 4 (23%), the greatest pleasure is going to a restaurant or pizzeria with friends or spending an evening together in front of a beer (23%). This is what emerges from a study commissioned by Osservatorio Birra at Istituto Piepoli, which shows expectations and hopes for the summer and the reopening, after months of coexistence with curfew and social distancing. The research “The new Italians out of home“, conducted on a sample of 1,000 adults (18-64 years), shows that the desire to return to go out and meet is great, with the awareness that this summer it is important to pay attention to safety.

Therefore prudence, but also a great desire for normality in everyday life, especially in places outside home. It is a widespread desire, but particularly felt among beer consumers, who demonstrate an above-average desire to regain conviviality and extra-domestic moments shared with friends and family. In general, almost all Italians (92%) consider it important to return to sharing free time outside home. But in the months of restrictions, beer enthusiasts have felt most of all (82% against 69% of non-consumers) the lack of meeting places such as bars, restaurants, pizzerias, pubs and clubs. And they will always be the engine of the restart of the away from home. Nearly 8 out of 10 beer lovers (78%) say they will spend more shared time outside the home in the coming months, compared to 71% of non-consumers.

Beer is therefore confirmed as the favorite drink on the go. With 61% of preferences, it was in fact the most consumed in this period of gradual reopening, ahead of coffee (43%), water (34%) and wine (38%). The statements from the Italians are echoed by the confirmation from the professionals of the horeca: for restaurants, pizzerias, trattorias, bars, pubs, other clubs, beer has in fact an increasingly important strategic weight.

“The ascent is not easy – says Massimo Reggiani, Vice President at Birra Moretti Foundation and CEO at Partesa – and the research shows that returning to living away from home is a strong desire, which must however deal with an economic situation that is still a work in progress. In these months of profound difficulty and in this still uncertain context, our main commitment is to be alongside the Ho.Re.Ca. professionals. who want to be ready to seize the opportunities of the recovery, through continuous support, including training, and constant dialogue. So that together we can give life to a true ‘renaissance’ of the Italian out of home”.

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