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From Dry Packaged Pasta to Tomato Sauce

Sara Merigo, Sales Director at Istituto Piepoli, illustrates a survey on the consumption of packaged dried pasta and tomato sauce to Andrea Meneghini of GDONews and his guests.

In this webinar organized by Cibus Lab and Andrea Meneghini of GDONews, Sara Merigo, Sales Manager at Istituto Piepoli, illustrates the results of a survey carried out on a representative sample of 500 Italians. Focus of Istituto Piepoli survey concerned packaged dry pasta and tomato sauce.

9 Italians out of 10 consume packaged dry pasta.
Although price is the fourth buying driver, promotions are important for 69% of the italians. Barilla is the most cited brand.

86% of the sample uses tomato sauce. Promotions are important for 74% of respondents. The most cited brand is Mutti.