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Livio Gigliuto, Vice President at Istituto Piepoli, guest of Giorgia Rombolà at Studio24 broadcast on RaiNews24, for a snapshot of Italy and public opinion on politics and current events.

The last weeks were complicated for the public opinion report on the vaccines issue. There was the first setback since November, obviously due to the latest news and the AstraZeneca blockade. In fact, the propensity to be vaccinated drops by 7 percentage points, even if it remains high, at 80%.

If we speak about the restrictive measures launched by Draghi Government for the containment of infections and in force until April 5, two thirds of the population accepts (65% Much or Enough), since the priority of Italians remains to exit the emergency.

In the survey carried out by Istituto Piepoli this week, it was also asked how much Italians approve the decision to have Enrico Letta as Secretary of the Democratic Party and how much trust they place in him. Well, for 71% of the sample (belonging to all political parties) the choice is correct and 54% turns out to be very or quite confident, especially among the voters of PD.

About the trend of trust in Mario Draghi is always very high, although by a few points lower from the beginning, perhaps because of the vaccination complexity on which Italians judge everything, from Europe to the Prime Minister, which in the last week marks a decrease of 2 percentage points, more significant among the M5S electorate (66%).

As for voting intentions, the Democratic Party recovers half a point compared to the last survey, the one made on March 8th. Liberi e Uguali, +Europa and Italia Viva from one side; Fratelli d’Italia and M5S from the other are stable. The Lega is also growing by half a point, while Forza Italia is unstable.

Finally, speaking of energy transition, the survey shows a growing interest for this matter, 69% of Italians, in a completely transversal way, believe it is a very or fairly important priority for the Country. The most convinced by this energy transition reside in the Center and South and are over 54 years old.