Enrico Letta’s PD

In an interview with il Riformista, Livio Gigliuto, through a survey by Istituto Piepoli, shows how much the crisis triggered by the sudden resignation of Zingaretti, has caused 1% of the voters to lose the PD.

“The voters of the Democratic Party could not have suspected the timing, but they know there is always a certain turnover at the head of their party. Since every crisis causes a haemorrhage of consensus, the most interesting element is to identify the flows of the latter, to understand which path they take “.

Thus begins Livio Gigliuto, Director of the National Observatory on Digital Communication (PA Social and Istituto Piepoli) and Vice President at Istituto Piepoli, during our chat about Enrico Letta’s new (?) Pd. “With the crisis triggered by the sudden resignation of Zingaretti, we found a deadweight loss of 1% for the Democratic Party – continues Gigliuto -, and this happens for all parties. But the most interesting data is another: this percentage point could have been divided by the 5 Star Movement and the League. It is always like this, among democratic voters: disappointed go elsewhere “.

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