Sustainability: More commitment and trust is required

A survey by Istituto Piepoli for Enel Green Power shows that young people are worried about global warming, but believe in a greener future.

The future will be sustainable, but for the present, in the meantime, more commitment is needed, especially on the part of “others”, institutions and society. This is the viewpoint of many young Italians, from 12y/o to 20 y/o, interviewed by Istituto Piepoli for a survey on environmental sustainability and their fears commissioned by Enel Green Power. Most of them, middle and high school students, are dominated by global warming fear.

Young people and the environment: 5 portraits in comparison

“We could define young Italians as pragmatic idealists: they swing between the desire for a better future and skepticism towards a present that risks to disappoint them. They were born in challenging years, and this makes them trained for a crisis they do not fear. For them, sustainability is a priority and they are certain that the future will be better than the present, above all thanks to their individual choices: more electric cars, more attention to consumption. But they also believe that their commitment is not enough to be able to save the planet: institutions need to support the behavior of individuals and guide change “.

Livio Gigliuto, Vice President of the Piepoli Institute

Individual actions that make a difference

“We believe that the sustainability of our present actions will contribute to creating a greener and fairer future. Young people are the energy of tomorrow, so it seemed essential to listen to their voice, to better understand their vision and be able to take them into account in the choices we make every day “.

Antonella Santilli, Head of CSV and Sustainability Projects, EGP