Case study

Buondì Motta – Asteroid

Neuro-Insight: strengths and weaknesses of a commercial aimed at stereotypes.

Brainster can be used alongside traditional data collection techniques in order to evaluate whether an advertising message is hitting its target.

Brainster is an innovative Neuromarketing platform which analyses a series of biometric parameters to measure whether the tested message generates interest and emotional involvement. Particularly, it is able to detect whether these elements translate into purchase desire and, later, into action.

Brainster generates results for each single instant of a commercial, allowing to determine whether, at the moment of sale, the whole message, or only a part of it, is useful. This allows the Company to make the best possible marketing investment.

We will present an extract from a research project carried out on an advertising message that divided public opinion. How much of the attention generated translated to a real increase in sales?

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